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Channel letter lighting choices are far-ranging and present your business in an attractive way without distracting from your services and purpose. Channel letter lighting makes your commercial space or storefront look appealing. They are big individual letters that are used as exterior signage for retail centers and businesses. 

As a brand owner, there are three particular channel letter lighting choices you need to know about so you can decide which one to pick to accessorize your building. Decide for yourself which type of channel letter lighting is most appropriate to suit your brand imagery. 

Front-Lit Channel Letters 

These are the most common of all the channel letter lighting choices available to you. This type of channel letter usually contains aluminum on the sides and back. Furthermore, the letters are internally illuminated, typically with LED lights, lighting the front of each letter. These channel letters are very customizable, while the colors on the logo are created using translucent vinyl. The acrylic can be in its specific color as well if the color matches the standard color available. 

Channel letters are attractive options for any business. 

Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Also called reverse channel-lit letters, they allow the LED lighting embedded in them to shine through the signs, casting a glow around each of the letters. This creates a unique halo effect, perfect for businesses that require a distinguishable type of brand imagery.

Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters 

This is a fancier channel letter lighting, combining the front-lit letter elements with those from the halo-lit alternative. The letter sides are made from aluminum, while the face is made from polycarbonate. The back of the sign stays open, reflecting the LED lighting off the wall. 

Check out our channel letter lighting choices today and determine which one is the right choice for your business. Also, take a look at our plethora of outdoor signs at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company. 

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