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Sign placement can have an important impact on your sign design, with certain factors having more of an effect than others. While the types of signs you choose will also affect how viewers interact with them, several sign placement factors can make or break your sign’s design from afar. Whether you’re working with pole signs, monument signs, or your sign is intended to be seen at ground level, here are three tips for sign placement that will up your engagement as quickly as possible.

Know Where Your Customers Are

Place your sign where your target audience goes.

Typically, most businesses are situated where their target audience goes. Businesses that rely on foot traffic, such as retail stores or restaurants, will be located in the middle of their target area or a high-traffic street. For others, such as doctors’ offices or therapists, they’ll be close to areas with lots of office buildings and parking garages. When you’re placing your sign, take into consideration what signs surround your business and where your potential customers are likely to see it.

Know What Message You Want to Convey

Signs are marketing tools. They inform and invite the audience. They must always be true to your brand and consistent with your brand materials – color, style, fonts, etc. Sometimes these three considerations can become blurred if you are not mindful of how to consider all areas of where you intend to place your sign. Good signage placement is important in order to give your company’s brand a chance at being seen by your desired demographic target customers.

Monument signs can catch eyes from far away.

Create Contrast Between Sign and Environment

If you’re trying to engage customers at your monument sign or other signs placed close to the ground, be aware of the color scheme of your business and the environment. The color of both should create contrast in order to grab attention. You may also want to consider a sign design or style with an attractive appeal – such as an arched pole sign – if you’re looking for something more eye-catching. It may seem like a no-brainer, but color scheme is vital to making sure your signs are legible and eye-catching. Your sign should pop in your surroundings and not blend in with surrounding colors if it is on a pole or the ground. Also keep this in mind when designing the actual text – make sure fonts are big enough to read! 

Monument signs can go up to three stories high, which means they need to catch eyes from farther away. Even though it’s easy to read smaller text from closer up, those closer distances are not conducive for those who will be looking for your sign from far away. When deciding on the location of your monument sign, make sure to consider buildings and cityscape to create contrast. A bad location can result in a washed out design or no clear message to your customers. Make sure to research places near and far from your business with heavy traffic, while also considering things like pedestrian activity and number of parking spots so that you can maximize awareness for your company.

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