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The most successful brands are the most relevant brands. Any company or business that wants growth and more visibility must have a great brand today. This is where architectural signs come in as a vital component of company brand architecture.

What Are Architectural Signs, and Where Do We Typically See Them?

Architectural Signs Make Your Brand Come to Life

Architectural signs are high-quality custom signage that elevates your brand. They are made to last and fuse with your physical space. They go beyond advertising and become part of the building décor and not a distraction from it.

We typically see architectural signs outside of a company building, in the company parking lot, or at the entrance to business parks. When installed on your building, architectural signs can elevate your space and give a great impression to visitors and stakeholders about your high standards.

Monument signs are great examples, using architectural design elements to create a monument sign that represents the brand and carries the same visual language as the building that the sign belongs to.

Examples of Architectural Signs

Monument signs are a prime example, but architectural signs can be any 3D sign that makes your logo or brand come to life.

Here below are the examples of architectural signs:

·         Dimensional Logo Signs

·         Lobby Signs

·         Office Signs

Get a quote now from Vision Visual Custom Sign Company concerning architectural signs and find cohesion between your brand, message, goals, and environment. The final result is a pleasing and memorable sign that promotes your brand.

Regardless of the purpose of the monument sign you want, contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company. We will always find innovative solutions, including the use of materials, colors, lighting, technology, and architectural design to attain the right style, function, and aesthetic to communicate with customers and grow your brand.

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