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Own and operate a food truck in the booming and thriving culture of mobile cuisine?  If you do, you have faced numerous challenges of crafting a unique menu, identifying and converting a vehicle to deliver the fare and then branding the vehicle to define your business and attract the growing base of consumers at venues that celebrate the food truck!  Getting it all worked out is not easy… May the best taste and best-looking win!

You know your menu will win and your operation is rock solid technically to deliver at events, but what about the branding and graphics for your truck?  Cyndy, owner of Cyndy’s Food-Lish-Us was in this predicament…  But rather than a truck she decided to go BIG and converted a bus for her operation.  She had crafted a great menu and customized and retrofitted the bus to become a mechanically sound mobile operation but faced a branding project that was MUCH bigger than your typical food truck.

When Cyndy and Jeff, Owner of Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio, first met to explore the project it was clear that Cyndy’s bus was going to be a standout.  The first get together was more than two hours of talking through her menu, how it evolved over time, how she learned the tricks and secrets for her recipes and more importantly her experiences that she cherished that inspired her to create and serve a really unique menu to her customers.  Experiences of enjoying comfort food with family and friends in the kitchen and at diners was a continuing theme in their visit. The concept of creating a rolling diner evolved and was the focus of the project from the original meeting.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company developed the creative theme of a 50’s diner, including some of Cyndy’s favorites like neon, stainless steel, chrome, retro diner booths, stools and countertops along with her passion for jukeboxes.  The first stage of the project focused on creating a brand logo that evoked the emotions that Cyndy sought to communicate to customers.  The new logo is now the basis for all brand visuals and is a prominent element on the sides of the bus to promote Cyndy’s Food-Lish-Us brand.  Bold red, black and white checker patterns, pink neon, chrome and reflective design elements were used to create a mobile diner that fits the scale of the food bus perfectly.  Retro metal signs were integrated to promote some of Cyndy’s menu items and can be seen from the distance to attract consumers interested in her gourmet comfort food items.  A large menu board promotes Cyndy’s items and pricing.  On the rooftop of the bus, her logo and contact information are proudly displayed so customers looking down from office buildings down onto the area where she is parked or passing by know who she is.

Once the layout was complete and design details carefully positioned on the bus surfaces Vision Visual Custom Sign Company printed the panels for all surfaces of the bus.  The 36-foot long bus was transformed into the rolling diner in a climate controlled bay and all surfaces were prepared and wrapped in premium 3M IJ180 vinyl and UV gloss overlaminate for durability.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company uses onboard icolor monitoring to ensure an exact color match to eliminate any color shifting or potential mismatch.

Cyndy gets compliments everywhere she travels, and her food bus now stands out at events and attracts customers to her cuisine with the diner theme graphics.  At night reflective logos on the front and rear of the bus grab attention with their pronounced sparkle that draws even more visual interest for the Cyndy’s Food-Lish-Us food bus.  If you want your food truck or bus to attract more attention and customers, contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio for a consultation on creating a brand, logo and creative theme for your truck that is high profile and highly visible – we are experts in crafting brand visuals that perform and wrapping food trucks and buses!  Call Vision Visual Custom Sign Company for your free consultation on how to create a highly effective visual branding advantage for your business today!

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