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With all the different sign options offered by designers and manufacturers, it can be easy to fall into the trap of an uncoordinated promotions strategy. Whether it’s for reasons of cost, trying to cater to a new market, or simply not being aware of the importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy, the end result is still the same: ineffective interior and exterior business signs. That’s why partnering with the right sign company in Denver and the Front Range is so important for developing a coordinated marketing attack. 

Why Coordinating Interior and Exterior Business Signs is So Important

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Complimenting interior and exterior business signs is a great strategy for improving the efficacy of your marketing materials.

Cohesion in your signage strategy enhances the efficacy of both your indoor and outdoor promotional material. This occurs for a variety of reasons, but can mainly be attributed to: 

Brand Consistency

When you think of Coke, you think red and white. McDonalds – the Golden Arches. Facebook – the sleek blue and white. All of the most successful brands leverage a comprehensive brand strategy that includes keeping things like color and design elements consistent across all environments. 


Building off the previous topic, a consistent, coordinated brand also shows consumers that your business is professional and self-aware. It tells them that you are capable of delivering the same quality results on a consistent basis, just like you do with your signs.


The best stories all have a consistent cast of characters that flow in a logical, cohesion progression. When you introduce too many different elements into the equation, people begin to lose focus. The various signs that you incorporate across the inside and outside of your business need to be connected by stylistic and tonal throughlines to be optimally effective.

Looking to create a more coordinated strategy across your interior and exterior business signs? Reach out to the professionals at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs today for your indoor and outdoor sign needs!

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