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Custom channel letter signs are the go-to solution for businesses that want to achieve optimal exposure. The dominant appearance of custom channel letters attracts the attention of prospective customers who pass by your business at any time of the day or night. Channel letter signs produce a brilliantly unique glow in both exterior and indoor branding, creating an inviting ambiance. Read this article to understand the different ways custom channel letters can capture brand typography.

Channel Letters Can Replicate Your Exact Brand Style

Precision-fabricated letters and logos are the secrets to your brand visibility.

Channel letter signs can be turned into anything you want due to the limitless fabrication option they provide you. With custom channel letter signage, you can choose any shape, style, color, and size within set zoning codes and regulations. In the modern world with hundreds of signage options, the possibility to illuminate channel letters in different ways gives your brand an added advantage.

Businesses that want visibility 24/7 have different types of sophisticated channel letters to choose from to present a variety of styles and visuals. Custom channel letters can be customized and fabricated to replicate your exact brand font and typography.

Channel Letters Can Be Color-Matched to Your Brand

The acrylic used in making custom channel letter signs comes in different colors that can capture the colors of your brand when used well. Neon and LED bulbs can also add more color and pomp to your channel letters. When deciding on colors and lighting for your sign, consider the overall theme of your business and your location and ensure your sign is visible from a distance. It is also important to ensure your colors do not blend into the building.

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