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The benefits of using custom illuminated signs include enhancing your storefront with light and beauty and driving more traffic. Also, these illuminated signs are a sweet way to commemorate all the special moments at your premises.

Examples of Exterior Illuminated Signs

Here below are some of the examples of exterior illuminated signs:

Illuminated Signs attract more attention because of their lighting type.

·         Neon signs

·         Channel Letter Signs

·         Blade Signs

·         Pole Signs

·         Cabinet Signs

Why Illuminated Signs Attract More Attention

Illuminated signs attract more attention because of their lighting types, such as; backlit, front-lit, and custom lit. Today, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the most common kind of light to illuminate signs.

Using lights to illuminate your signs is an easy way to improve the aesthetics of your brand, not only during the night but also during the day. Your brand logo and other brand elements may appear more attractive when illuminated with a calming hello, a lively vintage neon, or a light shining through letters. Clients may also think that your business performs well if you use what is perceived as an “expensive” illuminated signs.

Illuminated signs improve the visibility of your business from a distance. Typically, if your storefront is far away from vehicles and pedestrians, you can use an illuminated sign to attract attention from a distance. As humans, our eyes tend to be drawn to light. So, an illuminated sign is a vital investment, especially if your business signs are far away from by-passers and vehicles. Especially in the case of first-time clients, a visible, lighted sign can assist them in locating your business immediately instead of having a difficult time searching for your store simply because you lack visible signage. Hurry in for these illuminated signs and channel letters from Vision Visual Custom Sign Company.

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