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vinyl lettering and commercial car wraps in Colorado

Custom vinyl lettering can transform a vehicle into a message delivery machine. The choice of lettering offers a range of looks, from elegant to edgy, casual to professional. No matter the choice, it will get your vehicle noticed. 

Choosing Custom Vinyl Lettering

Choosing the right font for the custom vinyl lettering of your sign is an important decision.

Choosing the right font for the custom vinyl lettering of your vehicle wrap is an important decision. If you already have a signature font, you can replicate this font with vinyl lettering. Be sure that the font is easy to understand. Some cursive fonts can be difficult to read, so you’ll want to make sure the font is large enough to be legible. 

If you don’t have a signature font, choose one that you like and is easy to read. The font should be clear and not require much time to decipher. This will ensure that people who see your vehicle while it’s going down the road will be able to read the lettering. 

Non-cursive fonts are easier to read than cursive fonts and are a good choice if you want your message to be read by as many people as possible. 

Fonts to Avoid

If you’re going for a specific target market that you know can read and understand your font, it can be acceptable to choose a harder-to-read font, such as a graffiti style font. Avoid ornamental fonts that can be difficult to read. This includes Old English style fonts or calligraphy fonts. 

Font Inspiration

When you’re in the planning stages, take note of the types of fonts used on vehicles. When you see one you like, take a photo so that you can show your designer. 

A font can communicate more than just the words displayed. A font can be playful and fun, or it can be serious. When choosing a font, think of how it makes you feel, in addition to whether or not it is easy to read. Contact us at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company today for all your vinyl lettering and vehicle wrap needs.

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