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Marketing is the act of promoting your company in order to sell – and digital signs do a great job of it!

Why Digital Signs Are So Effective

Digital signs can be a powerful marketing and branding tool when used correctly, depending on what you are trying to achieve. However, digital signage is not the right choice for every business.

First things first: don’t buy a digital sign just because it’s shiny and new or because of the hype.

Think about your company’s goals. If you are looking for foot traffic in your store, a digital sign might not be effective. Instead, try traditional marketing methods like flyers, postcards, and radio ads to get new customers in the door. However, you can also use digital signage to draw new customers. For example, if you’ve just opened a new location, use an animated sign to announce your grand opening.

Ways to Use Digital Signs

Today’s digital signs options are affordable and provide powerhouse marketing for small businesses.

  1. Offer coupons or discounts on your sign so customers can’t miss it when they drive by your building.
  2. Create eye-catching graphics for your sign.
  3. Include photos of customers with products they purchased. This allows customers to see the real impact of their purchases and encourages them to shop elsewhere if they don’t see themselves in the photograph. Organize the images by location or product, so customers can easily find them.
  4. Post rotating announcements about upcoming sales, events, or new products.
  5. Advertise your  social media handles to spread the word about discounts, coupons, and grand openings. Ask participating customers to share their photos with friends on social media for additional advertising power.

If you think your brand can benefit from this excellent signage, then contact us at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company. We’re committed to helping your brand, so visit our website today to learn more.

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