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Having lobby signs in your reception area creates an impression that you offer professional products and services in the corporate world. Companies in the service industry report higher levels of customer satisfaction after renovating the waiting area. While it may sound superficial to focus on first impressions given by banners and signage, your clients’ perception is more important than you think. And as such, you need to treat your dimensional logo signs with the importance they deserve.

Why Are Dimensional Logo Signs More Dynamic and Impactful Than 2D Signs?

Standing out in our modern ads-saturated world can be an uphill task. The audience you are pushing your ad to comes across thousands of ads every day and has learned to ignore visual clutter. This is where logo signage stands out. Dimensional signs grab attention, are noticeable, and stay in our minds much longer than 2D signs. 

Well-designed logo signs look more sophisticated and elegant than 2D signs. Customers exposed to dimensional signs assume your business is serious about presentation and can offer products and services of high quality. Dimensional signs are also impactful as they generate more engagement than 2D signs. 

Create a Sign That Flows With the Environment 

Indoor signs work well by drawing your client’s attention to specific areas in your premises, such as places and items you want your clients to see. The following are great placement areas for logos in the office:

  • Lobby: Signs in the lobby area greet clients and set the mood and tempo for your business.
  • Behind a Reception Desk: Investing in signs behind the reception desk is worthwhile as they can act as icebreakers or answer frequently asked questions.
  • Common Area: Businesses with a common area can take advantage of them by displaying more information about their business, including offers and policies.

If you are looking for dimensional logo signs to benefit your company or business further, contact our offices today to see how we can help.

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