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If your brand has company vehicles, have you considered getting them wrapped? 

There are two types of wraps you can get for your vehicle – the full and partial wrap. Both options are the perfect way to market your brand, no matter where your company vehicles are. 

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps make a bold statement and a strong visual impact. 

Full vehicle wrap involves wrapping every inch of your company car or truck in adhesive vinyl graphics. This is the perfect option to make a big and bold statement. 

A full vehicle wrap is beneficial when you have larger vehicles, like trucks or trailers, and you have lots of room to work with. Everyone you drive past will turn their head and look at your branded vehicle when it is covered head to toe in graphics. 

You have more creative freedom to design unique and exciting graphics using various design techniques. Your full wrap can tell your brand story and help you to make an emotional connection with your target audience. 

Partial Vehicle Wrap

A partial vehicle wrap is less obvious but still impactful. Your graphics cover just a tiny portion of your vehicle, such as the side doors or the rear end. 

This type of wrap is better suited for small company vehicles, such as cars or smaller trucks. It can be used to highlight your brand name and brand message to your target audience in the local area. You can make a partial vehicle wrap feel like a full vehicle wrap by ensuring that your designs flow together into a cohesive story.

Work closely with vehicle wrap designers to produce a wrap that looks great on your vehicle so your customers can’t tell where the vehicle ends and the vinyl wrap begins. 

If you need full vehicle wraps or partial vehicle wraps for your business, contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs today. 

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