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Creating a new sign for your business is the most effective way for your clients to locate you easily and attract potential new customers.  Wendy Armstrong, Owner of Golden Bodyworker recently expanded her business to include several new therapists.  The new brand “Associated Bodyworkers” was born and needed visibility on the studio’s entrance.

Wendy consulted with Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio to update the office entrance with the new brand and consider options to guide clients to the right location in the building.  When projects like this are initiated Vision Visual Custom Sign Company always looks for opportunities to enhance the businesses client experience.  Often multiple goals can be addressed in one sign investment if the proper client briefing and consultation takes place at the beginning of the project.  This is an important part of Vision Visual Custom Sign Company’s process and is proud to offer in every project launch consultation. The final design included an updated lighted wall cabinet sign with the new logo treatment and directional information that tastefully and clearly guides her clients and patients to her expanding studio space.

Customers that enter a building without clear guidance information are often on a path of discovery for the right place.  A simple and effective ‘Lower Level’ indication on the sign panel gives clear guidance to clients on where to find Wendy and her team.  High-grade materials with perfect color match represent the new branding and a UV overlaminate ensure things will last for many years.

Wendy is very happy with the final design and is amazed how fresh the new brand looks on the building. She and her team particularly notice how much more vibrant the color of their new branding appears on the sign face.  Compared to the original production of the sign the new graphics have much more visibility from a distance.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company specified and used a high-grade 3M vinyl with a gloss UV protectant overlaminate with high-resolution print for the production of the graphics to achieve a robust and durable result.  The new graphics treatment was created and installed in two days after the start of the project getting Wendy and her business visibility for their new brand quickly and effectively.

Associated Bodyworker is now highly visible as you approach the location day or night.  Pleased customers are always the result of projects like this as the goal for Vision Visual Custom Sign Company is to always exceed expectation.  When your business needs a quick refresh to attract and direct customers call Vision Visual Custom Sign Company to consult on easy and impactful ways to gain visibility!


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