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Dimensional lettering shifts your brand into the 21st century. It adds power to your brand and promotes a sense of trust and loyalty among your customers. When you add dimension to the letters in your sign, you imply that there’s a new dimension to the way you do business. A sign with dimensional lettering elevates the perception of your business from the flat, staid way of operating to a state where customers can expect efficiency, good value, and slick customer service.

Letters acquire dimension in many ways. It’s not only the words that define your business to consumers; it’s also the manner in which they’re displayed, the material they’re made from, lighting, background and many other design elements.

There are many ways to give your sign letters depth, and by implication, your business. The thickness of the base material will make some difference. Signs can be mounted with wall spacers. They can also be backlit, under lit, painted, or left unpainted to create varying effects.

The base materials used for your dimensional lettering will also affect how customers’ perceive your business. Bright, colored acrylic, for example, can give a feeling of levity, which can appeal to many consumers depending on your industry.

Wood suggests tradition, and an application to craft that might go back generations. It can also suggest a return to nature and a simpler time, which can appeal to older consumers. Wood might be ideal for multi-generational family businesses. Metal lettering, on the other hand, such as stainless steel or brushed aluminum, ca be used effectively to denote trust, prosperity, and drive.

Choose the materials that make up your signs very carefully. What consumers see in your lobby or outside signs helps to form their first impression of your business.

At Vision Visual Custom Sign Company, we can help you with all aspects of your signage, including enhancing brand psychology to your advantage. We can design dimensional lettering signs for indoors or outdoors in a range of quality materials.

We get involved with all the technical details too, including wiring up illuminated signs, handling design proofs, and zoning permits. We are always enthused, pro-active and collaborative. We will offer constructive advice on every aspect of brand enhancement and sign optimization. Your business is our business.

Add further dimension to your business with our great dimensional lettering signs. Call us today at (720) 328-6435.

Written by: Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio – Golden, CO

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