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There’s always room for great advertising. With modern sign technology and applications, that space can be anywhere, including the floor!

Floor graphics are one of the latest and greatest options for businesses looking for something a bit different to attract attention. In shopping malls, this is a great opportunity to drive foot traffic directly to your door. With a well-made floor graphic, your message can stop people in their tracks.

Shopping malls are made with all types of flooring materials, but that’s okay; with custom floor graphics, you can apply your image, message, logo, or other design to materials of all kinds, including tiles, concrete, hardwood, vinyl, and many other common flooring choices. Floor graphics in shopping malls can be of any shape and size, too, so you can choose a small-scale graphic that adds to the existing decor, or you can create something large and extremely eye-catching to take advantage of major floor space.

Floor graphics located in shopping malls work well to attract attention even when people were not initially planning to visit a specific retailer. Floor graphics can be stunning, persuading potential customers to visit a store, make a purchase, or otherwise engage with a company.

Some stores will use floor graphics to showcase a current sale or promotion. In a case like this, they might use arrows, footprints, or similar indicators to lead the way to the store. Others use floor graphics to create an actual printed pathway, from a busy area like a food court or mall entrance to the store, with graphics, text, and logos placed throughout the path from start to finish. You can even use floor graphics on stairs and escalators; space commonly overlooked in shopping malls. This is a perfect advertising area. With creativity, your options for floor graphics are limitless.

When choosing floor graphics for a shopping mall, be aware that this is not a place you want to skimp on quality. Malls see a lot of foot traffic. Floor graphics need to be able to withstand wear and tear. High-performance materials and excellent installation are key. When we create and install floor graphics for our clients, we aim for perfection, and always focus on durability. To get started with your floor graphics, call or email us today. Our friendly and helpful team are on hand to help you make the most of your floors.

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