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Street signs are some of the most widely seen signs anywhere. In towns and cities, we all rely on street signs to find our way and stay safe. While the design of official street traffic signs, such as stop signs, is overseen by the FHWA, there are plenty of other street signs that are needed.

Street signs tend to be smaller than business signs and they are often colored. The favored choice of material is painted aluminum at least 0.08″ thick.

At Vision Visual Custom Sign Company, we only use engineer-grade aluminum, and we always adhere to all State and Federal MUTCD sign regulations. Beware vendors selling cheap novelty replicas. We only make signs using good-quality aluminum, which never rusts, covered with 3M prismatic reflective sheeting. Both the lettering and the background are reflective, so that they are clearly visible at night.

Our street signs start at 6″ tall, which is the minimum height as specified in the MUTCD regulations. But we also make signs up to 9″ tall in a range of MUTCD-compliant background colors with the letters either in white or black.

The bigger signs are better suited for those streets with higher speed limits or dual lanes. We can also add thicker flanges to our street signs to make them more rigid. Again, beware fake or novelty signs from other vendors, which are often made from sub-quality, thin aluminum. These can be bent and damaged easily.

We also supply the round or square posts to mount street signs, and can install both signs and posts at the statutory heights. We recommend galvanized steel for the posts, which can be round, square, or even u-channel. Don’t forget the brackets, which are the fixture between the post and the street sign. Often, brackets need to accommodate two or more sign blades at different angles, depending on street layout.

Street signs can be a complicated business, which is why you need to speak to experts. Let us take the stress out of street sign design and installation.

Give us a call at (720) 328-6435 for a friendly chat about your street sign options or email us for a free, competitive quote online.

Written by: Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio – Golden, CO

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