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With farmers always pressed to find more ways to make money from their land, it’s no surprise many are looking to sell fresh produce at local markets. Farmers’ markets have taken off in the last few years, and this often means farmers are looking for new ways to advertise. It’s great to hear from local farmers and we’re always ready to offer our marketing advice. We suggest vehicle wraps because this is such a great way to get a good return on the advertising dollar.

Vehicle wraps and farmers’ markets make a great combination. First off, farmers are based in the rural hinterlands, and the nature of their work means they spend time driving from town to town. Second, their food produce is frequently brightly colored and vibrant, full of vivid reds, greens, and yellows. Like still life, farmers’ produce is ideal to use as an arresting vehicle wrap on a 4×4 or pickup.

Farmers are great to work for. We love their enthusiasm for their work. Theirs is a noble profession, toiling on the land to create food for American citizens. They’re always excited to hear of our vehicle wraps. When we show them the proofs, they can’t believe they’re getting such a great makeover for their vehicle for so little cost.

We first work up a vehicle wrap design based on the client’s specifications. The produce is the head-turner, which is why we only take high-resolution close-up photos of the fruit and vegetables for sale. We can easily replicate your brand and logo with our turnkey graphics design software. If you have a slogan or tagline, this can be replicated too.

You’ll need details of your farmers’ market, address, and contact information. Our skilled graphics designers fit everything within a template based on your vehicle model. When you’re happy with the proof, we can print it on high-quality vinyl. After vehicle prep, our technicians will apply the wrap, using a heat gun where necessary, and removing overlapping edges. A smooth, flawless vehicle wrap is the result.


Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective means of advertising. Your farmers’ market will receive thousands of views per day as you simply drive around doing your normal business. Your brand will be remembered and you will see a surge in repeat attendance to your farmers’ market. Your bottom line will flourish.

Don’t rely on that outdated farming newsletter. Get in touch today to discuss with us how we can transform your pick-up into a lean, mean advertising machine.

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