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Creating signs for your office can be a great way to draw clients in and make your business stand out from the crowd, but 2D signs are pretty limited in what you can accomplish with them. Fortunately, dimensional logo signs are designed to be much more dynamic and impactful than any other type of sign, so you can create an eye-catching 3D sign that adds life to the space, whether it’s in your lobby or even in your conference rooms, if you wish. Here are some tips on how to create an eye-catchi1ng dimensional logo sign that will really catch people’s attention!

What Are Dimensional Logo Signs

Dimensional logo signs are great to boost your brand.

A dimensional logo sign is created with a layer of aluminum, either stamped or etched, that is cut out and bent into the shape of your brand’s logo. Unlike any other signage option, the dimensional sign will reflect light in the most flattering way possible by illuminating evenly throughout the entire design. If you are looking for a powerful impression on your clients, this type of sign may be just what you need!

Where to Place a Dimensional Logo Sign

Dimensional logo signs are a great way to catch the attention of visitors and clients in a dynamic and impactful way. The best places for logo signs in an office setting are in the lobby, reception, conference room, or common area. You can’t go wrong with these placements. But, you may also want to consider other locations like hallways, near elevator entrances/exits, on a desk by the entrance to your office space, etc. 

What Makes Them More Impactful

Dimensional logo signs are more dynamic and impactful than a 2D sign. When it comes to selecting a design, have fun! Whether you choose abstract shapes or recognizable images like palm trees and surfboards, our creative team at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company can help you get exactly what you need. We offer the full spectrum of dimensional signage. If you want something specific, we’ll work with your budget and timeline. No matter the scale of your space, size is important when it comes to dimension; make sure that the proportions of your logo are proportionate with the space that they occupy so that they don’t look too small in relation to their surroundings.

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