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The first time you walk into a new business, how can you know whether you’ll like it? How can you know if the place is going to be able to deliver the results they promise? The answer lies in the details, and one of the most important details is how your brand represents itself visually – whether that means your logo, your storefront, or both. It’s extremely important to choose an image that speaks to your business goals, but it’s also important to make sure that every component of your brand remains consistent.

Create a Style Guide and Maintain Consistency

Creating consistency in your branding is vital.

A sign consultation should get everyone on the same page and create a clear style guide for how to represent your brand. Match fonts, colors, and branding on all signage so that you create an easily recognizable brand. When signs are inconsistent, it can cause confusion among customers. 

Creating consistency in your branding can be important for many reasons. It will help people find you more easily because it is easier for them to remember. Consistency builds trust because it shows consumers that you stand behind your product and your identity. When something doesn’t seem to match the overall theme of your company, such as a logo color, you run the risk of confusing customers and looking unprofessional.

Defining Signature Color

One of the best ways to set your signage apart from the rest is through careful color selection. For example, in most cultures, black and gold are considered regal colors that speak strongly of wealth and luxury. If you don’t have as much money available, feel free to make use of some vibrant colors like red or purple, which are often associated with royalty. These two colors can also be combined nicely with white or silver shades for an elegant effect.

Defining Signature Font and Text Style

A common problem that arises is when one business doesn’t maintain the same style of font across all their signage. For example, some may use an Old English font on the storefront, while others use a Serif font on their street sign. Regardless of which option they choose, it will not be consistent. Some people might like the mismatched look, but others won’t. In any case, it’s important to find one style and stick with it!

Keep Temporary Signage Also Consistent

Seasonal signage for promotions and special events, such as happy hour or holiday signs, will help your business connect with customers when they’re most likely in the mood to buy. Signs should be bold, eye catching, and easy to read. Make sure you use fonts that are complementary with your logo or slogan so even if you are promoting something different than the norm, customers still recognize it as part of your brand.

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