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What do you do to stand out in today’s cluttered marketplace? If you’re not using custom LED signs, you should be. Custom storefront signs are impactful, unique, authentic, and provide your business with the credibility it needs to succeed in the digital age of marketing. 

Why is a Store Front Sign Important?

We all know what a storefront sign is. It’s that large bold sign that hangs on top of your building. But why do you need one? Well, apart from just being required by law in many areas, a storefront sign is an essential part of any brand’s identity. A business can have beautiful letterhead and business cards, but if you don’t have an eye-catching storefront sign, people might not even know you are there!

What Should You Include in Your New Store Front Signage?

Led signs are great options for storefronts.

LED signs can bring new energy and light to your business. It is important, however, that you plan out every aspect of your sign before installation. For example, what colors should you use? What font will best convey your message? How much space should you allocate for images or graphics? These details can make or break your sign design. Here are a few tips that will help you create an eye-catching custom storefront sign

Selecting Materials

The first thing you’ll need to consider when choosing an appropriate material for your sign is durability. The last thing you want is for your sign to fade or be otherwise damaged within a few months of installation, which is why materials like aluminum and fiberglass are common choices.

Installation and Location Tips

The best way to make sure your custom storefront sign really works is to place it in a high-traffic area. To get customers’ attention, your storefront sign should be in a central location where it can easily be seen by people walking or driving by. If you have windows along your building’s entrance, a sign placed above or next to those windows is an ideal location. If there are multiple entrances, consider placing custom storefront signs above each one as well.

Keep it Simple – Invest in Branding

As an entrepreneur, you have little time and money to spend on advertising, so it’s essential that you invest in your best marketing tool — your brand. Let your logo stand out. It should reflect exactly what your company stands for and evoke a sense of who you are and what sets you apart from competitors. If you want to attract new customers, turn them into repeat clients or develop powerful word-of-mouth buzz around your brand, make sure it is easily recognizable and memorable. And take advantage of technology.

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