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Your business must keep sending the correct messages all the time. From your brand’s logo to any sort of advertising element and signage, everything around your brand should convey your business’ soul, vision, goals, and values, while introducing its products and services. 

At the same time, your brand should convey those same messages to your staff and everyone involved in your business and market. Creating the perfect environment inside your facilities will not only increase your chances of better deals with partners and potential customers, but it will also boost your staff’s productivity as they will feel part of something important.

There is a wide range of interior sign options to create a great environment for any working space, but among the most popular today, you will find floating decorative brand panes. This type of interior sign is becoming a hot trend, used as markers that create brand awareness and let your clients know that they have arrived in the right place.

Floating decorative panels can create a 3D effect.

Are They Really Floating

Floating decorative brand panels have a special design tailored to flow with their environment to create a natural focal point in the room that captures your brand visually and emotionally.

The design and placement are carefully selected, so it floats seamless and effortless, creating a robust and bold presence of your brand. 

In a professional environment, like a lobby or reception area, floating decorative panels will create brand awareness among your visitors, potential customers, partners, and staff, making them all feel comfortable, familiar, and that they are in the right place.

How to Use Floating Decorative Brand Panels

Floating decorative brand panels are great options for indoor branding purposes. They are excellent sign alternatives for lobby signs, reception signs, office signs, or, simply, a logo sign. You can typically find this type of sign above the reception desk or in front, a physical representation of your company name and logo.

A professional sign company can help not only select the best materials, colors, and design, but they will also help find the perfect placement to bring the essence of your brand to life. For instance, you can create an engaging and dynamic look using layers of panels and dimensions to create a 3D effect or go for something more conservative and serious with a single panel.

Contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Sign and Graphic Studio today and let us help with your floating decorative brand panel project or any other interior and exterior signage requirement you have.

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