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A monument sign is a freestanding or standalone structure that is permanent. These types of signs are ideal for corporate campuses, office parks, educational institutions, and any business that is hard to see from the street. Like any other business signage, it should be informative, consistent with your brand messaging, and help people find where you’re located. There’s a lot to consider with monument sign design.

Monument Signs are Unique

Monument signs can really stand out.

More than anything, what makes a monument sign different is its permanence. Unlike most other types of signage that are temporary or semi-permanent (such as flags, window vinyl, window clings, or banners), once it’s installed on the structure, you’re probably never going to be taking it down. That means your monument sign design needs to be built properly from the ground up.

Getting the Perfect Monument Sign

There are a lot of sign companies out there that make monument signs, and unlike most other types of signage, you don’t necessarily need it to last for 10+ years, but as always, you do get what you pay for. If you’re going to use a cheap metal pole with a flimsy sign, don’t expect it to last.

One example would be the use of COR-TEN steel. This is weather-resistant steel that’s been developed for outdoor signage purposes – because it will rust over time, yes, but unlike other types of metal signs, it won’t oxidize or corrode significantly if exposed to rain or snow, keeping your monument sign design looking great.

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