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Moss signs are an exciting new approach to interior design that we see more and more lately. Moss signs are essentially the same as a standard sign, except some design elements are made from real moss instead of traditional materials. This new trend in indoor signage allows business owners to create unique designs that make customers notice while adding texture and a burst of color.

What is a moss sign?

Moss signs provide a fresh look to any indoor space.

A moss sign is a new trend in interior signs that uses moss within the sign to add texture and visual interest. Moss signs can be used to decorate your office and are a great way to bring nature indoors. Almost any sign design can be complemented with moss, and it makes a great focal point in your reception area. 

Benefits of moss signs for office interiors

Here are our top four reasons to use moss in your next sign design

  • Moss signs are a unique way to add texture and color to your office space. 
  • Moss is a natural material that can help bring the outdoors inside. 
  • Moss signs are low-maintenance and easy to care for. 
  • Moss signs can be customized to fit any space or décor. 

Hand-crafted moss signs

Moss signs are a unique and beautiful way to liven up your office space. At Vision Visual Custom Sign Company, our experts can craft a one-of-a-kind moss sign that is perfect for your brand. Contact us today if you are looking to capitalize on this new trend in office signage. 

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