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A Golden Company for Sign Permits and Site Surveys for Signs

In Golden and nearby cities in Colorado, signs are essential for businesses looking to stand out from the competition in the city’s rich commercial landscape.

To make a memorable impact on the local market, having original or eye-catching signs isn’t enough – they must be installed in strategic locations to fulfill their purposes. But, before the installation process can start, businesses must obtain the necessary permits. That’s where Vision Visual Custom Sign Company comes in. Not only are we an experienced full-service sign company that designs, manufactures, and installs signage, but we also guide customers through the permit process to see their project through to completion. We are a fully licensed contractor in most Colorado municipalities, helping companies in Denver, Aurora, Westminster, Fort Collins, and the surrounding area with professional site survey and signage installation.

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Why Do I Need a Permit?

Permits are mandatory legal documents issued by local municipalities to ensure that new construction projects meet the necessary codes and bylaws before work begins. Permits are required for most outdoor signage projects in Golden and nearby cities in Colorado.

Discover why permits are essential below:

  • Public and Worker Safety: Permits ensure the safety of individuals and the community. They allow experts to inspect a project’s scope and enforce the necessary building and fire safety codes.
  • Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations: Zoning bylaws and landmark preservation guidelines are a few examples of municipal laws businesses must comply with. Failure to obtain signage permits could lead to legal penalties.
  • Complete Sign Installations: Licensed contractors must have an approved permit before a sign’s installation service can begin. Finish projects on time, saving time and money, by successfully applying for permits with the help of Vision Visual Custom Sign Company.

Requirements of Sign Permits

Applying for a sign permit in Colorado can seem daunting, but Vision Visual Custom Sign Company is here to prepare and file all the necessary documents. Whether you’re in Denver, Fort Collins, Westminster, or Aurora, we’ll ensure your sign follows the local by-laws.

Here is an overview of the sign permit application process in Colorado, which could vary depending on your specific location:

  • Zoning Permit: These permits ensure the sign complies with the area’s land-use agreements.
  • Right-of-Way Permit: In some locations, these permits are required for any sign that extends into the public’s right of way, including sandwich board signs and signs that hang over sidewalks.
  • Electrical Permit: Any sign that has electrical components may need a separate electrical permit.
  • Building Permit: A building permit is required for most signs to comply with local building and fire codes.
  • Site Plan: A site plan must be submitted with every sign permit application showing zone lot lines, the sign’s proposal, structures, and other details of the sign’s installation.
  • Sign Elevations: In some cities, the application must include a fully dimensioned elevation of the sign, showing where the sign will be installed on a building’s facade.

Depend on Us for Local Sign Permits & After the Sign Permit Process in Colorado

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Studio is a vertically integrated sign company providing local businesses with experienced design, manufacturing, and installation services for their personalized sign projects.

We are licensed contractors for all cities in Colorado, making the custom sign process seamless for our clients. Not only do we craft expert signage solutions, but we also obtain the necessary permits to complete projects and comply with local laws. Once the permits are approved, we will install signage securely to satisfy a business’s long-term goals.

To learn more about our permitting and installation services, give us a call to book a consultation.

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