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If you own a sign, then you know that signs need regular service to function correctly and efficiently. But regular service isn’t enough; in order to maintain your sign and extend its life, you also need to replace the parts that break down over time, such as batteries or light bulbs, hinges, and motors. Plus, if your business has outgrown your current signage or if your sign is just old and no longer working properly, then you may need to turn to the experts for sign removal and replacement.

Keeping it Working

The lifespan of a sign is directly related to how often it is maintained. Signs need regular service to function correctly; if neglected for too long, they can become dangerously unsafe or simply stop working altogether. Signs that are serviced regularly should be more cost-effective over time as you won’t have to replace them prematurely. When signs cannot be repaired, it’s better to get them removed from your property before their current condition causes damage. 

When it’s Time to Replace the Sign

The lifespan of a sign is directly related to how often it is maintained.

Over time, signs are bound to need service or replacement. Signs that have lights or batteries will require battery changes and recharging for optimum use. Signs that contain different materials, such as wood, may require periodic maintenance to restore the wood. As with any structure, if the sign falls into disrepair, then it is only a matter of time before it needs to be removed.

Call Vision Visual Custom Sign Company

Signs will look better and function better with professional sign service and removal. Regular sign service will extend the life of your sign by cleaning, inspecting, and preserving your sign’s integrity with products designed specifically for its needs. When it can no longer be maintained, turn to our experts for sign removal. We have experience and the right equipment to make sure your signage is removed quickly without any visible traces left behind.

If you’ve had your sign for a while, it’s important to maintain it. If not, signs are heavy and installed in hard places, which may require electrical knowledge. Contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company if you are in need of maintenance or if your sign has reached the end of its life and needs to be removed. Trust us with any project involving signage and lights.

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