Signs of the Times: The Importance of New Signage Matching Existing Signage

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Signs are more than just something that announces your business’s presence. A successful sign is something that attracts and entices new customers, keeps current customers coming back, and enhances the overall image of your company and its brand. When you add or replace signage, it’s important to do so in a way that takes all of these things into account so that you aren’t left with an outdated, unattractive sign that no one wants to see. Keep reading to learn how to successfully update your signage without losing the appeal of your company and its brand identity.

Why Do We Need New Signs?

When a company grows and adds new branches, more products or services, it also needs to update its signage. Just like when you move from a one-bedroom apartment to a large home with many rooms and spaces, you may need to change your address on all your stationery, order new checks with your name on them and possibly get new keys made. Same thing with business signage — as businesses grow, they need updated signs.

Working With One Sign Company

A successful sign will attract new customers while keeping loyal the current ones.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company has worked with many nationally recognized brands. We are a trusted sign company that takes pride in our work and won’t disappoint you. Protect your brand integrity and stick with one trusted sign company. Our skilled installers can replicate anything from lettering to existing signs that have been removed from locations, such as highway & interstate signs, airport or terminal signs, or even mall signage. Work with Vision Visual Custom Sign Company and make sure your signage is current and matches prior to removal by the new company or business owner.

Final Word On Signage

Signs should match each other. Signs can be a business’s first impression to your customers, so they should always look professional. Oftentimes, businesses try to save money on signage by making their own, but these DIY signs often look unprofessional and can make your business look cheap. When customers see mismatched signs or homemade signs, they know your business doesn’t have the funds to hire a sign company and instead are using cheaper methods to create new signage that doesn’t match what you currently have up.

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