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The front of your store is the first area of your building that your customers see. It’s the first opportunity that you have to create a strong first impression. Therefore, your storefront signs are vital. 

When the exterior signage at the front of your business is professional and attractive, it can create a buzz of interest around your brand. Every sign should include your unique branding to increase your brand awareness and help customers to recognize your business. 

Having professional storefront signs will also boost your brand image. Your customers will be impressed from the moment they walk towards your store, increasing your credibility. 

Types of Storefront Signs

Make sure your storefront signs are professional and attractive to make a great first impression on your customers. 

There are a variety of different signs that you can include in your storefront. Here are some of the most popular options: 

  • Logo Building Signs – Your logo sign is usually the first thing people see, so it needs to be bold and eye-catching to draw customers in. 
  • Window Graphics – Your window graphics can be used to promote your business from the inside out! They can include your brand name, tagline, and information about your current sales or promotions. 
  • Wall Murals – Murals can be placed on your indoor walls to enhance the customer experience and make it more memorable. They are a great way to reinforce your brand message once your customers are inside your building. 

Each interior and exterior signage that you include in and around your commercial building should be customized. This includes using your unique brand colors, your logo, and your brand name. This is key to promoting brand awareness and brand identity. 

For your outdoor storefront signs, including logo signs, window graphics, and murals, contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs today. 

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