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Do you have an idea of what exterior illuminated signs can do to enhance your storefront? The popularity of illuminated storefronts has been growing steadily, and it’s easy to see why: these signs, like channel letter signs and cabinet signs, can make an immediate impression on your customers as they drive by. Plus, custom-made illuminated storefront signs offer the opportunity to put your logo or messaging front and center in front of your customers as soon as they enter your business — not just when they pull up to the curb.

Two Types of Illuminated Signs: Channel Letter and Cabinet

Many store owners choose to decorate their storefront with custom illuminated signs. There are two main types of illuminated signs – cabinet and channel letter – but each can be customized to meet your business’ needs. Channel letters are considered one of the most durable sign options, as they’re made of glass or acrylic with in-filled neon tubing or LED lights that span a wide range of shapes and sizes, from simple block letters to intricate logos and everything in between. Cabinet Signs are often larger than channel letters, and are typically found on brick buildings where there is no window space available for signage. They can also include multiple colors and designs (such as an arrow pointing toward your business) to increase visibility even further.

Channel Letter Signs

Illuminated sings make the difference day & night.

An illuminated channel letter sign is ideal for all manner of businesses. From retail to services, a custom channel letter sign can enhance your storefront by drawing attention to your brand. Channel letters offer a simple yet elegant and timeless solution to announcing your store’s name, logo or message. At Vision Visual Custom Sign Company, we believe in quality design through custom-built signs — because an illuminated sign that doesn’t look sharp reflects poorly on you and your business, tarnishing its image.

Cabinet Signs

With an illuminated cabinet sign, you can change your store’s identity. Storeowners love to keep their identities fresh and let customers know what’s new in their shop. A custom cabinet sign makes it easy to do that while still keeping with your business’ traditional look. For example, back-lit cabinet signs are usually seen outside of retail stores, but they can be used indoors as well. These signs allow you to display large letters that stand out from a distance and attract potential customers as they drive by your storefront. Front-lit cabinet signs provide a different experience for passersby; these types of signs are illuminated from behind instead of emitting light from within like back-lit signs do. Contact us now about your next project! We look forward to serving you.

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