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What are the essential exterior and interior signs you’ll need for your business? A sign will need your logo on it, it should build brand recognition, and should have something decorative that looks good on the outside of your building. What about inside signs? You’ll need to direct customers around with wayfinding signs, and tell them what services you provide with identification signs.

Essential Exterior Signs

All businesses require a good exterior sign.

Start by considering the exterior essential signs for your business that you will need. These are the logos that will go on your building, dimensional lobby signs, and wayfinding/directional signs.

Logo Building Signs

Exterior signage is a necessity for any business. If you don’t have an identifying sign, it’s likely that your customers will have trouble finding your store. A logo building sign is a physical representation of the company’s name and logo. This can be on a sign in front of the office or on a window. It’s important because it will help your company stand out from other companies in the area.

Outdoor Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs are also crucial because they help people find their way around the building and provide direction to important areas of the facility. A directional sign will provide direction and guidance for your customers, employees, and visitors. They should be clear and easy to read from a distance. You should also consider the placement of these signs in order to avoid confusion. For example, if you have a series of directional signs pointing towards one location, then it is important that you place them with enough space between each other so that visitors don’t get turned around or confused about their next destination.

Essential Interior Signs

The inside of your business is just as important, so don’t forget about interior signage! You’ll want wayfinding signs in strategic locations, lobby signs, and brand enhancing signage in areas with high visibility.

Lobby Logo Signs

Lobby logo signs are important for a business because it’s the first impression. The sign is the first thing people see when they walk in and sets the tone for what they’re about to experience. It needs to be professionally designed and installed as soon as possible! Dimensional signs are another great option for displaying your logo, slogan, and contact information. These are great because they can be seen from a distance and can complement your lobby building sign or even act as a replacement if you don’t have one.

Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs help cut down on confusion, letting people know which way is up and which way is down in a building. They should be prominently displayed, located at the entrance of every hallway or stairwell so that employees or visitors will see them as soon as they enter the building. Additionally, signage needs to be written clearly in simple language so it can be understood by all visitors who may not speak English well enough for a translated sign. For example, Do Not Enter is often translated into No entre. The intent of the sign remains the same, but it’s less confusing for non-English speakers.

Brand Enhancing Interior Signs

Brand enhancing signs help highlight your brand and the products you offer. These types of interior signs will help you stand out from the competition and attract potential customers! 

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