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building logo sign immediately puts clients on notice. Its size gives you an instant presence, ensuring your brand presents itself as ambitious and welcoming. The wording on it is clear, making sure people recognize what your brand name and services are. Plus, the lighting on some building logo sign types is so illuminating and clear that it’s hard not to notice your brand imagery. 

Choosing the right style of building logo sign for your business sets it apart from its competitors because it presents your business in the most unique way possible. 

Determining the Best Sign for Your Business 

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A building logo sign can be customized and tailored to your best interests 

A dimensional building sign is perfect to put right above your front door. As soon as people look upwards, they’ll see your standout building logo sign right away, leaving no doubts in clients’ minds about where they are headed. You can alternatively choose channel letters with LED lights to create a similar effect for your brand. 

Alternatively, you can choose a blade sign, sandblasted sign, or carved sign to elevate your building or storefront’s appearance. Each sign has a unique yet striking finish that makes your brand look savvy and aware of its surroundings. 

How to Choose the Right Style 

It can be a real dilemma trying to choose the right style for your business. There are so many choices available, and all of the building logo sign styles are customizable. You can collaborate with our creative sign design team at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company. Our team will give you expert guidance, leading you in the right direction based on your goals and brand vision. Through this joint effort, you get signage that’s built to present you as a leader in your industry. 

Check out some of our various building signs today, or have a look exclusively at our outdoor options

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