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Fleet Graphics are graphics or images placed on vehicles with the intent of advertising or promoting a brand or to identify a brand’s vehicle. Fleet Graphics is the perfect, low-budget promotional tool to increase a brand’s awareness. It helps consumers get used to your brand and recognize it.

The ROI of fleet graphics is undeniable

The major deciding factor of the effectiveness of any type of investment in advertising is the return on investment of the same, and fleet graphics have one of the best returns on investment. They are a one-time investment that promotes the brand to thousands of motorists as well as foot traffic every day, instilling in their minds the name and logo of the brand. They are also easily customizable according to a brand’s needs and can be changed easily without any hassle.

According to a study done by 3M, the cost per thousand impressions of television advertisements is $23.70, Magazine Ads $21.46, Radio Ads $7.75, whereas fleet graphics only cost about $0.48 for every thousand impressions.

This is not it; they also help boost the return of investments of other marketing tools.

One graphic template goes a long way

Once an installer has your fleet’s graphic template designed and ready, it’s easy as well as quick to add that graphic to new vehicles as your business and fleet grows.

Having a similar graphic for all your fleet helps to create a unique environment for your brand and adds to the impactfulness of your brand’s message. It helps build an aesthetic around your brand to get more recognition, visibility, and recall. They make your brand look professional and promote it 24/7.

For more information about fleet graphics and vinyl lettering contact vision visuals.

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