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You know that business – maybe your favorite place to get coffee, that café where you like to stop for lunch, maybe that boutique where you shop for the latest apparel, the sports store that you frequent that has all the cool gear or maybe that doctors office that makes you feel good and comfortable while waiting in the reception area. Your favorite places to visit all have one thing in common – a great décor that sets them apart from others.  They are inviting, inspiring and memorable.

If you are a business owner or manager looking for a way to create a unique environment that separates your business from others. Or seeking to refresh the décor of your business to be more appealing to customers, clients, members or patients.  Wall and window graphic treatments may be exactly what you are seeking when considering how to create an environment that is emotionally appealing, motivating and inspirational.  Advancements in printed vinyl graphics offer business owners and interior designers a vast offering of materials with finishes, treatments, and properties that can be used to create a graphic effect that sets your business apart from others.

F45 Training and Fitness created an inspiring and motivating environment for their locations with the use of printed and cut graphics that surround their members with bold and inspiring visuals.  The workout and fitness location uses printed and cut graphics treatments to surround members with their branding to create an environment that is clean, refreshing and uniquely F45.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio was consulted and contracted to layout the graphics in the facility and install the branding themes.  Several different techniques are used to define the brand experience.  A large brand trademark on a prominent wall, stripes on all four walls surrounding the studio on the interior and exterior surfaces and etched glass effect vinyl of the trademark on the entrance doors.

The large trademark that was installed on the wall measures over 8’ tall and is the defining element in the location.  The trademark was positioned on the wall opposing the entrance to be visible from outside the location to drive visibility of the brand and it serves as the focal point and backdrop for member and group photos that promote the business in marketing and promotional campaigns.  Bold stripes are used on all walls and the windows of the workout space and repeated on the exterior windows to promote the F45 brand.  From a distance, the studio attracts attention with the bold stripes that visually set it apart from other business storefronts in the retail shopping area.  Material options offer a broad range of finishes from gloss to matte and smooth or textured to offer even greater customization of the environment.  F45 Training uses a smooth gloss finish to provide contrast to the satin paint finishes and offer ease of cleaning.

Standing in the space evokes a unique feeling that is unique to being in an F45 location.  It is memorable and different from other workout locations and something that F45 uses effectively in impressing their members.  Print and cut vinyl graphics are an economical and cost-effective way to enhance and decorate any business environment.  With so many options in printed base materials, overlaminates that offer different surface finishes and the ability to cut in any shape or profile virtually anything can be produced to decorate wall and window surfaces.  A key factor in any graphics and décor project is consulting with a qualified design agency and graphics studio to create the right visual design, specify the right materials, produce the graphics and professionally install the treatments flawlessly.

When you decide it is time to make a powerful impression on clients and attract new customers by creating an environment that has the ability to positively influence them, contact the team at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio to consult on the possibilities of highly effective visual branding solutions.  Inspiring and unique environments offer your business an emotional connection with customers that have offer advantages of retainment and preference that beats the competition time and time again.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company can create an advantage for you!  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company proudly serves the Golden, Lakewood, Boulder, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Ken Caryl and the Denver metropolitan area.  Call Vision Visual Custom Sign Company for your free consultation on how to create a highly effective visual branding advantage for your business!


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