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Channel Letter Signs in Denver

Get ready to send a clear, branded message to your target market with the power of channel letters.

Personalized letters are one of the most common types of business signage, and it’s easy to understand why. These signs have unmatched definition and an array of customized illumination options. With channel letters, companies won’t just attract people’s attention—they’ll leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees their signs.

Embark on a signage journey with the experts at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company to unlock the full potential of these signs

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Types of Channel Letter Signs

Our full-service sign company specializes in custom solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Let us guide you through our vast selection and personalization options, including:
  • Front-Lit Signs: These letters are constructed from durable materials like aluminum and acrylic to create distinctive letters with enhanced depth. Inside these three-dimensional letters is a bright LED lighting system that illuminates a company’s message for miles.
  • Backlit Channel Letters: Carefully constructed from metal or acrylic, these individually formed letters are a sleek and sophisticated option. LED lights are installed behind each letter to create a glowing outline when the sign is lit.
  • Combination Lit Signs: For maximum visibility and impact in Denver, CO, consider equipping channel letters with front- and backlit systems.
  • Non-Illuminated Dimensional Letters: Many businesses choose channel letters because of their lighting options, but lights might not be necessary, depending on your needs. We create non-illuminated letters that still offer a defined style but are suitable for businesses that operate during daytime hours.

Our Custom Channel Letter Process

If you’ve never worked with a professional signage company before, here is what you can expect from our seamless end-to-end process:

  • Consultation: Bring us your vision, and we’ll do the rest! Whether you have an idea in mind or need assistance finding the right sign for your location, we’ll take the time to devise a personalized strategy for your company.
  • Design: Collaborate with us to create a sign that reflects your brand’s mission and image. Choose your sign’s size, shape, color, and lighting style to ensure it meets all your preferences.
  • Permitting: Before we can begin building a sign, we must obtain a sign permit in Denver, CO. Our management team will assist with documents for processing the permit application with all governance for approvals.
  • Fabrication: We can custom bend and color-match materials to capture your font and logo. Our talented sign makers will create a three-dimensional representation of your brand that’s guaranteed to make a meaningful connection with customers.
  • Installation: Installing channel letters can be a complex process requiring a professional’s expertise. Let us handle mounting and wiring these signs with accuracy to ensure safety.

What Are the Benefits of LED Channel Letters?

Amplify a brand’s message with 3D signs that pop.

  • Improve a location’s visibility by harnessing the power of brilliant LED lights.
  • Customize signs to tell a company’s unique story through personalized fonts, logos, and colors.
  • Pique the interest of curious passersby and convert them into loyal customers with compelling signage.

Searching for “Channel Letter Signs Near Me”?

Whether you’re in Golden, CO, or the surrounding area, Vision Visual Custom Sign Company is committed to delivering quality products and services that help businesses of all sizes shine.

As a local sign company, we understand the unique characteristics and preferences of businesses in the community. This knowledge and our commercial signage expertise allow us to make informed decisions about our clients’ projects. With our help, companies can accelerate revenue goals and fuel growth.

If you’re ready to experience the power of custom signage, give us a call today.

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