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Your signs aren’t just there to look pretty. They are a powerful marketing tool that can be used to boost your brand awareness and build a strong and credible reputation within the community. 

To maximize the effectiveness of your signage, you must customize every indoor and outdoor sign that you buy for your building. 

Custom signs not only increase brand awareness and visibility, but they help you to build a name for yourself. Your custom signs provide an insight into what makes your brand unique and what separates you from your competition. 

Unique signage that includes your brand name and logo, all in your brand’s chosen color palette, can send out a powerful message that piques the interest of your target audience. 

illuminated outdoor sign Vision Visual Custom Sign Company
Give your customers a warm welcome with branded reception signs.

Types of Custom Signs

Almost any type of signage can be customized. The following signs should include your unique branding to reflect your brand’s voice and personality: 

  • Logo Signs – Your logo signs are the first interaction that your customers have with your brand. They display your name and logo to increase brand awareness. 
  • Reception Signs – As the name suggests, reception signs are displayed in your entrance area. They act as a warm welcome to customers when they come into your building. 
  • Retail Signs – Also known as store signs, retail signs display your brand name to inform customers of who you are and what you do. 
  • Wayfinding Signs – This type of signage directs your customers to the right areas of your building. 

All exterior and interior signage types should be customized to make the customer experience as unique and memorable as possible. 

For all your outdoor and indoor custom signs for your business, get in touch with Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs today to see what we can do for you. 

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