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Moving the location of a business is no small task for national brand franchise owners.  There are a variety of stakeholders in the process of branding a new location with proper signage and visual branding treatments that need to be involved and numerous requirements to conform with.  Property management, local government, franchise brand management and ownership all have conditions that need to be considered to move into and launch a successful business location.  All of this activity comes together in what initially seems to be an almost impossible schedule of design details, approvals, deadlines and production and deadlines.

The Stanley Steemer operation in Golden Colorado moved locations with all the common issues at hand.  They needed exterior signage for all facility elevations and entrances and sought a solution for the new customer entrance and lobby where clients are greeted and consulted.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio was contracted to facilitate all new visual branding and signage for the new location.  The approach Vision Visual Custom Sign Company takes on all sign packages is simple: Facilitate all project activities for the client so decisions are simplified, and solutions meet the needs of all stakeholders, on time, to specifications and of the highest quality.

A key element in Vision Visual Custom Sign Company design process is the creation of photorealistic renderings of all proposed visual branding solutions.  In the consultation phase of any project, several design concepts are explored and solicited to all stakeholders for the client, like as in the case with Stanley Steemer during their relocation.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company obtains all requirements and design criteria from property management, local government, franchise headquarters, and the business owner and initiates concepts that conform to all needs.  The final design renderings are reviewed with ownership to ensure the proposal meets their specific interests in creating visibility for their business and promoting their services and offerings to attract customers.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company prefers to take accountability for all the project management for signage solutions to ensure all needs are met and projects progress without issue.  A key step is visiting with each stakeholder, obtaining all requirement specifics prior to design and concept work and understanding conditions that will ensure success.  Immediately upon contract with the corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania and receipt of the corporate brand signage guidelines, Vision Visual Custom Sign Company visited with property management to obtain allowances for Stanley Steemers lease arrangement in the new facility.  Local government requirements are always referenced to ensure compliance and design begins.  Quality renderings ensure all stakeholders understand the final execution and signatures obtained to document approvals.  All of this is completed by Vision Visual Custom Sign Company to relieve business owners like Stanley Steemer of additional burden or confusion in moving their business.

Stanley Steemer moved in as scheduled with all exterior visual branding properly executed and the dimensional acrylic lobby sign was installed as painting of the interior finish work was completed.  The new business location looks great and the owners were free of managing the stakeholder’s concerns along the way.  If you want to ensure your next business relocation is as smooth as possible, contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company to assist with a branding and sign solution that makes a statement and is a worry-free experience.  There is nothing like a project that is on time, well executed and promotes your business with high-quality brand experiences!

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