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Walk into most any large building and without signs to show you the way it won’t be long before you’re lost. A library is one of the public buildings that can make the most out of way-finding signs.

A library is all about communication. Books of every size and scope can be found there, as well as digital information, magazines, and lots of reference material. Without proper signs, it can all look very confusing.

That’s where wayfinding signs come in. We can show you what makes for great library signage as opposed to making the mistakes that lead to some bad sign ideas.

Within a library, good signage is based on a unified architectural system. Library signage works best when each sign is part of a system. Signs should be incorporated throughout. To see a few as you walk in the front entrance, isn’t enough. There needs to be a carry-through everyplace you walk to maximize positive experiences for visitors.

Library way-finding signs are an important part of letting your customers know you care about them when they visit. Way-finding signs should all be uniform in some sense, and never overbearing. Even signs tend to be “quiet” in a library.

Good informational signs show and tell people what to do. They can be directional or not. We can help you work out what signs to use where. We can also discuss whether or not your signs should be double-sided too – when placed in a hallway, it might be useful for signs to be visible or readable from more than one side.

Special sections may benefit from complete wall signs or other very visual cues. If you can make people feel comfortable in your library and help them get the information or entertainment they need, they will come back again very soon.

What about special types of informational signage? Perhaps a donor wall or a sign to recognize another aspect of the library’s history or community. We can show you how to use engraved signs or more elaborate tribute signs, which are larger and more prominent. Stand-alone signs work well too, as do hanging signs and banners. It all comes downs to how you want to present your library to the world.

There’s always something neat going on at the library. We can show you how to keep everyone informed with style and simplicity.

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