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Fleet graphics transform your company’s vehicles into an effective advertising tool. They provide new opportunities to communicate your brand messaging and are the best way to apply the advertising potential of company vehicles. 

Fleet Graphics in Action

Fleet graphics are the best way to harness the advertising potential of company vehicles.

The best way to brand your vehicle with fleet graphics is to use vinyl wraps. This method allows you to wrap the entire vehicle in your brand message. If you don’t want to be that bold, you can also use smaller graphics and decals, such as on a single door panel. 

Branding your entire fleet of vehicles sends a strong brand message, especially when those vehicles operate in the same geographic area. Your fleet will be seen and noticed, reinforcing your brand in the minds of the public through repeated exposure. 

High Visibility

Fleet graphics are the best way to harness the advertising potential of company vehicles.

Vehicle graphics are high visibility. Fleet graphics attract attention from passersby’s, including commuters, other drivers, and people on the sidewalk. They perform similarly to a billboard, but with the added benefit of mobility, broadening the scope of viewers and increasing visibility.

Unlike other forms of advertising, vehicle graphics aren’t pushy. They don’t try to sell anything. But when it comes time to buy, the repeated exposure of your brand will make people more likely to think of your products. It’s that subtle type of brand association that is exactly what you want in order to get more people, of all types, thinking about your business and what it has to offer.

Fleet graphics can be as simple as just your company logo, or they can be more detailed. When designing vehicle graphics, remember that people will typically only see the vehicle for a few seconds and from a distance. For this reason, larger graphic elements and simple designs are most effective. Ready to brand your fleet vehicles? Contact us at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company today to get started.

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