Monument Signs & Kiosks

A monument sign sits strong and proud front and center near the street or entrance to your commercial property, establishment, plaza, business park, corporate campus, or residential development. The freestanding structure, often sculptural, is an effective marker for consumers to notice and find you. Anytime you can help navigate your clients, the better an impression you will make.

Monument signs

A monument sign can promote a single brand or house several brands, depending on its marketing purpose. Sometimes, a monument sign will be simple in its messaging, highlighting an address, building, landmark, corporation, or company, or they can act as messaging centers, providing essential information to your customers.

If your building or business sits back from street view or is part of a larger complex with multiple businesses, a monument sign will greet your customers and confirm that they are in the right place. Monument signs should always be followed up with complimentary signage that continues to guide customers until they have arrived at your front door, office, or reception area. A monument sign is just the first – albeit vital – step in your overall signage and branding strategy.

When we design a monument sign, we look for ways to reinforce brand identity, deliver a clear message, and create a harmonious aesthetic with its surroundings.


Kiosks are like if a monument sign and a directory got together and had a sign-baby. A kiosk monument-style sign is like a messaging center, like an unmanned information desk. The frame can have a strong brand identity, and digital and interactive components can provide multiple pieces of information  and essential guidance that your customers need to navigate the premises. 

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Whatever the purpose of the monument sign, we always find innovative solutions, including the use of materials, colors, lighting, technology, and architectural design to achieve the right style, function, and aesthetic to communicate with customers and strengthen your brand.

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