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Neon signs are back! And they’re better than ever. They’re not just an attention-grabbing storefront look, they can also be works of art and handcrafted to capture your brand identity and create a 3D logo to light up the neighborhood. With today’s technology, you can pick from different colors and sizes that can completely fit your space, and create advertising signage that could potentially stand out from the competition. Here are some of the benefits of investing in neon signs for your business

History of Neon Lights

Neon lights have been around for more than a century, starting in 1907 when neon gas was introduced to France by Georges Claude. The color of neon lights can be changed by using different gasses, and these gasses have varying excitation spectra; neon lights also cast distinctive colored shadows. Neon is most often orange-red, but it is available in other colors such as blue and green. Neon signs with green lettering or logos are typically constructed with argon or mercury vapor (often referred to as mercury), which produces a bluish green light.

What Makes Neon Lights So Special?

Neon is a gas that glows when electricity runs through it. It’s not as bright as other common sign lights, like LEDs or fluorescent tubes, but it has an unmistakable glow that just can’t be replicated. That’s part of what makes neon signs so special – they stand out in a way no other medium can match. Each light is an individual work of art, crafted by hand and designed to convey your brand identity. Neon shapes are lit from behind by shining light through tubing, each side of which is etched with carefully drawn patterns that align to form your logo. Even at night time, you’ll be able to see every line and detail clearly because neon lights have their own luminescence and draw attention on their own.

Using custom neon signs to illuminate your storefront can give you a competitive advantage over surrounding businesses. Work with us to create a custom-made neon display that sets your business apart. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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