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Custom Office Signage For Lobby & Reception

Office signs are an essential communication tool that serves multiple purposes in a corporate setting. These signs vary widely in design, material, and purpose, depending on the office’s needs and the message they intend to convey. They function as door labels, identification and directional signs that make navigation easier, branding and communication tools for businesses, and safety signs conveying important information and warnings.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company is a reputable signage company based in Denver, CO. We specialize in designing and installing office signage for businesses and organizations located in Denver and surrounding areas.

With our experienced team by your side, we’ll upgrade your space with these innovative storytelling tools. Collaborate with us to personalize the style and message of a mural today.

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Types & Applications of Interior Office Signs

We offer a variety of office signage solutions to our clients and customers living in Denver, CO:

  • Identification Signs: These business signs are used for identifying specific locations within an office space, such as conference rooms, restrooms, the lobby, etc. They are often placed near doorways, indicating room numbers, department names, designations of personnel, and other important identification elements.
  • Directional or Wayfinding Signs: These signs help people conveniently navigate an office space. They help visitors and employees by guiding them to various departments, rooms, or floors. These signs perform a crucial function in large buildings or office complexes.
  • Reception and Lobby Signs: These are office lobby signs that bear a company’s logo and name, and businesses use them to welcome visitors to their offices. They set the tone for the workplace and contribute to lasting first impressions.
  • Informational Signs: They provide specific information about a place or facility, such as office hours, instructions and warnings, accessibility, Wi-Fi passwords, or other relevant office information.
  • Acrylic Office Signs: Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic material that closely resembles glass but is more durable and lightweight. It’s available in various thicknesses and can be colored, clear, or frosted to give an appealing look.
  • Door Nameplates: These are installed near office doors to identify an occupant’s name and position. They can be made from different types of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.
  • Branding Signs: With custom office signs, businesses can incorporate their branding elements in a sign design. Offices use these signs throughout their workspace to reinforce their brand identity. The sign designs can include a company’s mission statement, core values, and branded decor elements.
  • Safety and Compliance Signs: These signs are a critical requirement in any workplace. They provide safety and emergency information, such as prohibited areas, warnings and instructions about a place, and exit routes in case of a fire or other emergencies. Compliance signs, for example, ADA signs, ensure that an office structure meets legal accessibility requirements.

Important Features to Consider While Designing Office Signs:

  • Consistency in design
  • High visibility
  • Accessibility features for people with disabilities
  • Good quality material and durability of the sign

Work with Us

A well-planned office signage strategy enhances the organization and aesthetics of a workplace. Our signage experts at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company can design a range of office signs for businesses and organizations operating in Denver, CO. Our top-quality office signage guarantees efficiency and safety for workers and visitors in office buildings. Contact us today  for all your office signage requirements.

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