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We talk a lot about signage that elevates your brand identity in the local landscape. A pole sign is the literal embodiment of that concept. Pole signs will raise your brand and make your sign more visible from afar and from all angles. These signs are highly effective at drawing the attention of drivers and commuters and often represent the first impression you’re going to make on prospective consumers.

Pole signs are exactly what the name implies. A pole with a cabinet, panel or electric sign mounted at the top to increase visibility. They are effective marketing and promotional signs that will strengthen your brand identity, making consumers curious about your business and attracting more traffic to your door.

For existing customers, being able to see and identify your brand clearly in the distance is comforting. Architectural panel signs allows ample time to prepare to exit the highway, switch lanes, and make any other adjustments so that they won’t miss the entrance to your establishment.

Illuminated pole signs

Illuminated pole signs increase visibility all day and night. Cabinet pole signs are easily lighted from within, communicating and reaching out to consumers 24/7. A digital pole sign gives you added marketing potential, enabling you to tailor messages for more direct and personal communication with your local audience. 

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Every aspect of a pole sign can be customized to reinforce your brand’s identity. The pole structure itself can be designed using the same colors, textures, and materials and increase brand recognition. We collaborate with every client to find the most innovative ways to enhance your brand and to connect every sign for brand cohesion and an effective sign strategy. Contact our team for consultation!

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