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Corporate brand identities change and when they do you may be faced with updating a variety of signs for your business.  Subway updated it’s brand trademark recently and the Development Office in Golden, CO was needing to update the lobby sign in their corporate headquarters.  The unique LED lobby sign cabinet displayed the prior yellow and white trademark using a custom fabricated aluminum faceplate with the trademark cut out and colored acrylic lens in the brand colors.  The management and staff at the office liked the existing design but wanted to update the sign and obtain an exact match for the cabinet finish and style but proudly display the new Subway trademark with the proper corporate brand style guidelines for color and style.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio was contracted to update the lobby sign and get an exact match for the fit, finishes and style.

Refurbishing an existing sign to get exact finish matches and precisely fabricating components to work with existing parts and assemblies is meticulous work.  Recreation of the part layouts were done by making templates of the existing parts and then creating electronic files that represent the components.  Materials were identified and finishes for each surface were specified to match existing surface textures and finishes.  Precision water jet technology was used to machine the new trademark in 0.10 aluminum sheet stock to obtain a clean and crisp profile.  Vision Visual Custom Sign Company created new acrylic lens that were color matched to the new brand style guidelines and designed the new parts to fit perfectly in the new sign face.  When all part machining was complete the parts were assembled, and final finishes completed by hand to match perfectly.  The new green and yellow trademark panel was delivered to the headquarters and assembled to the LED fixture with stainless steel hardware.

The headquarters is now proud to display the new brand identity to visitors of their office.  The most important aspect of the project was the exact match between old and new components, which are unnoticeable because of the attention to detail in design and finish work.  When your business is faced with updating brand signage you have options.  In some cases, a complete replacement may make the most sense, but when you want to retain the look of an existing sign structure make sure you contract a company with the right design capabilities and technical capacity to get things fabricated and installed properly.  If your business is planning a brand trademark update call Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics for a free project consultation to refresh your interior and exterior building signage and start making a great impression, immediately!

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