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Custom fabricated pole signs present eye-catching visuals while allowing you to post your brand’s services and contact information clearly for all to see. They are typically supported by a central steel pole, using a lighted cabinet at the top. How the finished product looks depends on your needs as a client/brand, your guidelines, and the location. 

Because pole signs are commonplace near storefronts and commercial buildings, you need custom fabricated pole signs that put your business ahead of its competitors effortlessly. Here’s how this type of signage improves your brand visibility and awareness. 

The Benefits of Custom Fabricated Pole Signs 

Custom fabricated pole signs help direct foot traffic to your location

Pole signs come in various shapes and sizes, fitting from the smallest startup to the biggest office building in a downtown area. These signs are customized to identify various brands, so people see what services they’re offering, backed by a recognizable logo and appealing color schemes. 

Custom fabricated pole signs are great ways to attract and guide commuters as well as drivers. Anyone who sees it will feel compelled to come and check out your services, even from a distance, as such signage is easy to read from afar. The more unique the signage is, the more likely it is to move the foot traffic in the neighborhood towards your storefront or building. 

Why Should You Choose Custom Fabricated Pole Signs?

You can customize everything on these pole signs. For starters, you can customize the box or cabinet sign on the top of the pole. Furthermore, you can create the right pole style to accentuate your brand identity and make it the most striking brand imagery you could expect. 

For maximum visibility, you should consider two-sided electric pole signs. They offer you premium visibility regardless of the time of day, highlighting your logo 24/7. 

Choose the right custom fabricated pole signs for your brand today from our collection at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company. Take a look at our overall outdoor signage collection here.

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