Dimensional Brand Signs

Anytime you can give a sign dimension is a good thing. Dimension adds energy and movement. Because they are dynamic, dimensional signs are more memorable and leave a deeper impression on clients.

Dimensional signs are most prominent in the form of a logo sign. Adding layers, textures, and creating movement will bring out your brand’s personality, making it more than just a sign with your name and logo but a visual piece of functional art that strengthens brand awareness.

Your name and logo will be your main brand identifiers and the first thing customers will associate with your business. A dimensional sign will grab their attention and give them a more emotional visual experience, making these signs more memorable. 

There are several ways to add dimension to a sign:

  • Layering materials – You can add dimension by creating layers within the sign design. 
  • Textures – Mixing and matching materials can create something that is visually interesting and makes a deeper connection with your clients.
  • Colors – Even on a flat surface, color can give off the illusion of dimensions and movement. It all depends on what you want to say and what you want your customers to feel. 
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People have emotional associations with various materials, textures, and colors. It is up to our design team to find the perfect combination to tell your brand story and bring out the right emotions and associations with dimensional signs. 

We’re not going to lie; figuring out how to bring out your core brand values in a custom-created sign is what we love, and we have fun trying to find the perfect solutions for each client. 

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