Illuminated signs & channel letters

Exterior signs should be highly visible while still complimenting your building and storefront. Illuminated signs will bring attention to your brand 24/7. Finding the right style of illuminated sign will enhance your branding efforts. 

Channel letter signs

Custom formed channel letters may be used to direct and guide your customers, highlighting areas of importance and anticipating any directions or queries the client may have when visiting your establishment. While we may associate channel letters with exterior storefront signage, this style of signage is easily customized to fit an interior environment.

Neon signs

Neon signs will add color and personality and be tailored, bent, and shaped to create custom fonts or images. They have a classic retro appeal but can suit any style and purpose, whether directional, identifying, or promotional.  

Cabinet signs

A cabinet sign is incredibly versatile. The shape and size and the materials and techniques used to find the right aesthetic of a cabinet sign will bring out the right elements of your brand. The lighting effect in a cabinet sign comes from within. The materials you use can manipulate the color of the light and create an aesthetic that consumers will identify as your brand signature. 

Monument signs

Illuminated signs aren’t just reserved for your building and storefront signs but can be incorporated into monument signs. Illuminated monument signs sit at the edge of your property and add extra visibility to your business. They often sit proudly at the entrance to a parking area, residential developments, corporate campuses, or any building that sits away from the street. 

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If your establishment is open after dark or during the day, talk to us about illuminated signs. 

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