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Logo signs and monument signs are the two essential types of signage that your business should have. Your business logo sign advertises your brand to the world, while monument signs attract attention and showcase your logo to your local community. Here are the reasons why you need both logo and monument signs in your business’s signage arsenal.

Monument Signs

It’s like walking up to a house and seeing if it’s for sale. They have always been used for displaying information like a business name, hours, events, specials, and offers. If you want to get noticed, these are your best option! Be sure to use signs that light up at night so people can see them from far away. 

LED signs are by far the most popular option in the market.

What Are Monument Sign Lighting Options?

There are three types of lighting used on monument signs: traditional, LED, and digital. Each has its pros and cons in regards to price and efficiency, but all have something to offer businesses looking for electric signs in order to get their names out there. LED signs are by far the most popular option right now because they don’t require much maintenance, and they last longer than traditional lighting options. However, if you want something more low-key, then we recommend going with one of our solar-powered signs or even a neon sign, depending on what type of look you’re going for.

Storefront Signs

A storefront sign is your first impression to anyone driving by your business. If it’s cheap and ugly, no one will be impressed with your business logo or electric lighting solutions. Make sure that you invest in a classy-looking sign so that people know what they’re walking into when they see it lit up at night or during their lunch break on their way home from work every day!

How Can Storefront Signs Be Lit?

Channel letters and box signs are a great way to bring visibility to your logo sign in a very professional and inexpensive way. They also work well when hung with monument signs or on their own, such as projecting over your storefront or hanging off of your building facades. LED lights for these signs are traditionally blue and red, but can be colored any color you wish, including white LED channel letters to match your monument sign lighting.

How to Choose the Best Lighting for My Monument Sign & Storefront Sign

For every business, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing your sign’s lighting: your logo color and your logo sign’s shape or form. For a storefront sign, choose signage that will catch drivers’ eyes and encourage them to stop at your business.

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