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Monument signs don’t have to be boring! Instead of featuring just your business name, why not incorporate more design elements into your monument sign? Use color and dimension to make it stand out in the eyes of passersby. Or use a sculptural element, like a door or archway, to make your monument sign unique. Here are three ways you can do this today!

Add Color

Your monument sign is the first thing potential customers will see.

Adding color to your monument sign is a great way to make it more eye-catching and unique. You can use a single color or multiple colors to create a design that reflects your brand. If you’re not sure what colors to use, consider consulting with a professional designer like Vision Visual Custom Sign Company. We have years of experience in branding and can help you find the perfect color scheme for your business. 

Add Texture

Your monument sign is the first thing potential customers will see when they visit your business. So why not make it stand out? A simple way to give your monument sign some character is by adding texture. You can incorporate textures like wood, stone, or metal into your monument sign design, but choose a style that goes with your other signage and your building materials. 

Add a Sculptural Element

One way to make your monument sign more unique is to add a sculptural element to it. This could be anything from a 3D logo to raised letters with your company’s name. Adding dimension will help your sign stand out and give it more visual interest. Another common technique for adding dimension is by using light projection. To do this, the words are projected onto the surface of the stone from behind with an LED projector, or onto the side of the stone with a beam projector.

Contact us at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs and Graphics today to get started on creating a unique and memorable monument sign for your business!

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