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Commercial Building Signs For Business

Building signs are installed on the exterior surfaces of buildings. They serve various purposes, such as identification, information display, navigation, and branding. These signs are an essential aspect of commercial, residential, and public building decor.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company produces high-quality, attention-grabbing outdoor building signs for establishments across Denver, CO, and Golden, CO. Explore our range of building signage designs for your homes and offices located in these areas.

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Types of Building Signs & Their Applications

We offer a variety of exterior building signs for commercial and residential purposes in Denver and Golden, CO:

Identification Signs for Buildings

These signs help in identifying a building or a business inside it. Examples include:

  • Monument Signs: These are freestanding signs installed at the entrance of a property or business complex.
  • Channel Letters: These are individual letters mounted on the building facade to spell out a company name or logo. Channel letters come with illumination options.
  • Fascia Signs: These signs are attached directly to the building’s facade or a canopy facing the street, often illuminated for visibility at night.

Informational Signs for Buildings

They provide specific information about a place or facility:

  • Operating Hours Signs: These are commercial building signs displaying the working hours of a business.
  • Rules and Regulations Signs: Informing people about the rules of a property or facility, such as a no smoking or pet policy.

Directional and Wayfinding Signs for Buildings

These signs assist visitors in navigating a building:

  • Lobby Directory Boards: Installed inside multi-tenant buildings or office complexes, used for listing the names and locations of rooms, floors, businesses, or departments.
  • Directional Signs: Signs directing people towards various sections of a building, such as facilities and service areas, offices, restrooms, and entry and exit points.

Safety and Accessibility Signs for Buildings

Building signs should comply with safety regulations and local laws. Examples include:

  • Fire Exit and Evacuation Signs: Marking exit routes and evacuation paths within a building or complex.
  • Accessibility Signs: Designed for assisting people with disabilities, indicating facilities like restrooms and parking spaces that are accessible to them.

Digital Signs for Buildings

These are electronic displays used for providing information, updates, news, or advertising. They offer the flexibility to change content easily:

  • LED Displays: Commonly used by businesses to promote their products and services or make important announcements.
  • Interactive Kiosks: Embedded with interactive features to help people find information, services, maps, or directions.

Custom Building Signs

Building signs can be customized to meet the needs a business or residential space. Businesses can use these signs to present their names, logos, and branding elements in unique ways. Vision Visual Custom Sign Company can help you design eye-catching, impactful custom signs for your buildings.

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