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Custom Illuminated Signs for Businesses

For too long, illuminated signs have been reserved for exterior signage. We say no more! Bringing the power of an 3d illuminated sign to the interior of your establishment will improve the ambiance and the customer experience. If lighting up your exterior sign will increase brand awareness and visibility, it goes without saying that interior illuminated dimensional signs will have the same powerful branding effect. 

Illuminated sign letters can serve many purposes. Their visibility makes them perfect for directional and identifying signs. The most common purpose of any type of indoor or outdoor signage is to anticipate any problem a customer may have and proactively provide a solution. One of the biggest concerns for any customer is going to be “where am I, and where am I going?”

Illuminated directional signage – whether it’s identifying the reception area, cashier, restrooms, exits, etc. – naturally draws the eye and helps customers orient themselves and find their way without having to stress or ask for help.

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Lighting options

Having your logo visible and present throughout your facility is essential. They make your clients feel at home. LED illuminated signs will make them more visible and eye-catching. A classic lighting solution for a dimensional brand sign is back-lit signs. The light glowing from behind the sign adds another dimension and creates a halo-like glow around your brand. It’s beautiful and effective. 

Front lit signs will illuminate the face of the lettering and design, bringing out the shapes and colors of each custom-formed channel letter.

Combining various lighting techniques enhances your custom lit signs to its full potential. A lighted interior sign may not need to be seen from great distances light illuminated exterior signs, so consider the most effective and pleasing lighting technique for your interior illuminated signs. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable glare while clients are waiting or employees are trying to work. 

Out team tailor and customize every aspect of a sign to ensure that it carries the right style, tone, lighting, and impact in any environment. Contact our team for consultation!

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