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Custom fleet graphics that are designed for your specific vehicle will add instant credibility to your brand. If a single vehicle wrap can generate thousands of impressions a day, imagine what a whole fleet can do for your brand. We collaborate with each client to design graphics to make your fleet work in unison to strengthen your brand and increase business. 

For a local business, reaching local consumers is essential. Custom fleet graphics allow you to build brand awareness and attract a local audience. 

Designing fleet graphics

Every business starts with one vehicle with a custom wrap or graphic. As your business grows, so will your fleet. We design each vehicle graphics and wrap to flow with the vehicle’s natural curves, shapes, and edges, whether it’s a van, box truck, or car. Sometimes you’ll have several types of vehicles within one fleet. The design and layout of your fleet graphics need to be cohesive and complementary to your brand and instantly recognizable.

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High-quality vinyl

We only use the highest quality vinyl, ensuring that the colors are bold and crisp and that the message is clear and legible. Using high-quality vinyl will ensure that every fleet wrap is identical in color and style.

Work with our team for the most effective fleet graphics to make your brand easily recognizable and more professional. 

By working with us on the graphic design from idea to installation, you ensure that we get your message and brand identity right from start to finish.

Even simple, elegant vinyl lettering or a decal with your company logo and contact information can increase your brand reach and grow your business. Contact our team for consultation!

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