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Sign fabrication aptly customizes your signage, so it accurately conveys your brand messaging and purpose. The fabrication process depends on the signage used and the material used to make it.

The fabrication process involves multiple steps to ensure the signage representing your brand is clear and appealing to everyone who views it. Here are those steps used to establish quality custom sign fabrication

What are the Initial Steps?

The design process of custom sign fabrication is the most enticing aspect.

The first stage of the custom signs fabrication process is planning. You need to understand what the client goals are as well as what brand expectations are so you can plan properly. We have several decades of experience in successful branding and advertising to understand what those expectations are, allowing us to respond accordingly. 

Next up is the site survey.  We see the brand’s physical location, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, to get familiarized. Then, there are the practical elements with needs for business signage. These elements include getting the right permits and understanding local zoning rules/regulations for exterior sites. 

Designing and Installing 

The design aspect of custom sign fabrication is where the fun really starts. We have a high degree of customization due to our background in mechanical engineering. We also have a strong understanding of materials and how to make them work to realize the client’s vision. 

After the design of the signage, fabrication brings the sign to life. The last stage of custom sign fabrication is installation. The contractors determine the best way to install and mount, factoring visual elements and safety when completing the installation. 

Custom sign fabrication done right helps draw the right kind of attention to your business. Check out our graphic design services and our variety of signs. Let’s bring your vision to life! See the Vision and work with us to enhance your brand visibility.

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